Natto Ko dejo? The law of odds + shows that the data of clay king is not as good as the potential new star?
The 58th Nader showdown will start tonight, and the winner of last year’s French Open final has been advanced to the semi-final. Although dejo is one of the only two players who beat Nadal in the French Open, the world’s number one can hardly challenge the clay God of war in Roland Garros, so the dream of double lap Grand Slam is doomed to be difficult to realize. After the 3-2 upset, mussetti beat No. 9 seed beretini 3-1, and dejo’s road to the last four of the French Open was dangerous. However, the king of Serbia was still confident when he showed his upcoming semi-final: “I believe I can win, otherwise I won’t be here. Of course, on clay, especially at the French Open, it’s the most difficult challenge for me to fight against an opponent like Nadal Nadal has been 28-29 in 57 matches with dejo, but 19-9 in 28 matches on clay