Private placement of stocks has seen another change at the vane level: products of 10 billion scale sold out in half an hour, with 67% of the positions of 10 billion private placement stocks exceeding 80%
Original title: the stock private placement has seen a change in the wind vane level: 10 billion scale products sold out in half an hour, 67% of the 10 billion level private placement stock positions exceed 80%, according to the Financial Association (Beijing, reporter Li Lvjia). Thanks to the market recovery, the data from the private placement network shows that the current stock private placement overall position index is 81.30%. Further, 67.05% of the 10 billion private equity positions exceeded 80%. Not only has there been a positive signal in terms of position data, but after the market adjustment after the Spring Festival, with the recent recovery of a shares, the issuance of private new products has also shown a significant warming momentum. Previously, Deng Xiaofeng’s products of Gaoyi capital were sold out less than half an hour after they were sold out in the morning due to pre-sale in advance and limited sales through various channels. The rise of private placement positions and the popularity of product sales reflect the mismatch between private placement managers and investors