Situ financial management: gold is up or down the latest strategy layout 1890 backhand empty
Gold market trend analysis: on June 10, the overnight gold shock downward, the negative line slowly fell, and the four hour K-line high constantly decreased. This is obviously a sign of short position. If you don’t do a dead long position, it will inevitably fall if you can’t rush high. Today, in 1890, the long position is directly empty, and the long position is weak for many times. The air force will come, plan your trade, trade your plan. Incapable of action, the market is not able to suck up the market. So can the same thing. But yesterday’s silence will create a great outbreak today, and the calm before the storm, and the gold is directly backhand. 10 The K-line of gold is M-shaped in one hour, and the bulls are powerless to rush up for many times, and the negative line has been falling continuously. Overnight, gold has not been able to stabilize the 1890 line. The resistance level is firm, and the downward trend is slow, which is obvious