No one in the national football team talks about one problem to be solved in the mathematical problem
Source: Tianjin daily (reporter Zhao Rui) at 1 a.m. Beijing time on the 12th, the Chinese team will usher in the “three major battles” of World War II, against the Maldives. Although the opponent strength is limited, but the Chinese team still gives enough attention. If we take another three points in this round, in the case of five games in the same match, the Chinese team will surpass Oman, Iran, UAE and Uzbekistan, which are the same team with nine points, and be equal to Lebanon, which is the No.1 team for the time being. I believe everyone knows what it means. In the group H game yesterday, Lebanon lost to Turkmenistan 2-3, and there was only one game left to play against South Korea, which further strengthened the good side of China. Although the outside world has paid special attention to the situation of the Chinese team’s qualification in recent days, various kinds of reasoning and assumptions have emerged one after another, and not a few people are optimistic,