Cash out of HK $300 million a week? Zhuque fund selling Huatai H-share seller research, generally optimistic about securities companies
Recently, Zhuque fund has continuously reduced its holdings of H shares of Huatai Securities. It is roughly estimated that from May 28 to June 4, the accumulated reduction and realization amount has reached HK $300 million. Hong Kong stock exchange data show that Zhuque fund reduced its holdings of 9.388 million Huatai Securities H shares on June 4. On May 28, Zhuque fund also completed a reduction of 7.5662 million shares. It is roughly estimated that from May 28 to June 4, Zhuque fund has reduced its holdings of Huatai Securities by about 24294600 shares. Based on the average transaction price of the interval, the transaction amount is nearly HK $300 million. Rosefinch Fund said the move is due to the product due to the passive reduction. In fact, Zhuque fund has continuously increased its position in H shares of Huatai Securities since the third quarter of last year, and the latest increase can even be traced back to January this year. At the same time, the sellers are the same