Where is the bottom of bitcoin's popularity cycle?
The deep decline of bitcoin and Ethereum has led to the downward trend of the encryption market and the spread of nervousness. Gold financial data shows that on May 19, bitcoin fell below $40000 and Ethereum fell below $3000. Tuyere plates such as NFT, platform currency and algorithmic stable currency all fell by more than 10%. The overall encryption market went down, and the market sentiment index was “extreme panic”. At the same time, the digital currency sector fell and weakened, Nantian information fell by more than 4%, and trutianlong, LANCO technology and new Cape followed suit. It is worth mentioning that the current round of bitcoin fell by nearly 30%. In addition, according to assetdash data, the market value of Ethereum has fallen to the 20th place in the world, with a current value of about $361.6 billion, and the market value of Ethereum has dropped by nearly $130 billion at a higher point