Bloody collapse! Bitcoin fell below US $40000 and over US $9.2 billion went up in smoke
Last night, the three major associations of the financial industry issued a heavy voice to boycott the speculation of virtual currency, suggesting the relevant risks. On May 19, the coin circle set off another bloody storm. In the morning, the price of bitcoin plunged again, falling nearly $3000 in half an hour, below the $40000 level, with a 24-hour drop of more than 7%“ Musk has dealt a complete blow to the confidence of the market. This wave has eliminated many Bulls’ hopes. ” Some investors told China Securities News. Is the rich game of bitcoin really coming to an end? Bitcoin falls again in a cliff like way. This week, cryptocurrency started a collective plunge mode, with “king of coins” leading the decline. On May 19, bitcoin fell for the fifth consecutive day. During the intraday sell-off, bitcoin once fell below the US $40000 integer level and temporarily closed at US $39976. At present, its price has returned to that of early February this year