With almost zero carbon emissions and this major advantage, will nuclear power be suitable for bitcoin mining?
Carbon emissions are almost zero and electricity is abandoned. Will nuclear power be suitable for bitcoin mining? Source: Wu said that blockchain nuclear power is theoretically the most suitable energy for bitcoin mining. At present, energy consumption caused by bitcoin mining has aroused global attention. Musk has issued a series of articles criticizing bitcoin’s consumption of fossil energy, especially coal. Thermal power is stable, but it is easy to cause pollution. Hydropower, photovoltaic, wind power and other new energy are unstable and difficult to store. For the mining industry, downtime means loss of profits. There is a view that nuclear power, which is pollution-free, low-cost and extremely stable, may be the most suitable form of energy for bitcoin mining. In Eastern Europe, where there is a surplus of electricity, nuclear power may have begun to dig for bitcoin. On May 6, 2020, the Ukrainian Ministry of energy issued a Facebook statement saying that bitcoin and digital