Nadal statue to be unveiled? What kind of action is imaginative!
The pace of the French Open is approaching. Recently, news came from a twitter doufen account that CNFA plans to unveil Nadal’s statue of the French Open in Roland Garros, the venue of the annual French Open, on Thursday. However, no official information has been disclosed. According to the original plan, Nadal’s French Net statue was first unveiled in 2020, but due to the continuing influence of COVID-19, the plan was forced to run aground. It seems that the statue will probably be unveiled this year or next year. As for the design of the statue, Nadal’s original idea was to recreate the moment when he won the cup, but after negotiation between the two sides, he finally decided to use Nadal’s sports scenes in the competition to make the statue in the ratio of 1:1. As for which of Nadal’s moves was re engraved, it is still a mystery so far. Mr. Dou thought